October 20 , 2020


20 October 2020 at 6.30 pm
via Zoom - hosted by Sean Rogers (BMSC)

Attendees (27): Sean Rogers (host),  Jamie Willock( co-host and Chair), Robert Dennis, Edward Johnson, Rae Hopkins, Louis Druehl, Jane Morrison, Susan Derasp, , Jan Teversham, Amelia Vos, John Mass, Sheryl Mass, Julie Bradley, Sally Mole, Lee Weber, Bob Beckett, Oliver Evans, Jaleen Rousseau, Jared Higgins, Rudolf Blenk, Lisa Bye, Donna Dunn, Laura Bradley, Christine Gruman, Jeff Honig, Doug Greer and Ginger (?)

Acknowledgement of Indigenous Lands: The BCAS acknowledges that the land on which we meet is within the Traditional territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations where indigenous peoples have lived since time immemorial.

Statement of Inclusivity: The BCAS is responsible for fostering a public forum within its community to facilitate communications and services that diverse groups identify as respectful, inclusive and accessible.

Adoption of Minutes of 21 September 2020 Community Affairs Meeting. m/JMass s/AVos Unanimous.


A letter of appreciation from elected Chief Robert Dennis and traditional chief Derek Peters was read out in thanks to the community of Bamfield for their support to the Huu-ay-aht road upgrade proposal. Bernadette Wyton has responded on behalf of Community Affairs.


Chequing Account: $16356.48

Savings Account: $12,420.00

Shares: $5.21


  1. Grateful for our new Executive

Once again, thank you to the outgoing executive and thank you to the new executive stepping up. I look forward to the year ahead.


  1. ACHN Director Recruitment

As per the attached information from Director Penny Cote, the Alberni Clayoquot Health Network is looking for someone to volunteer for a two-year term as a Director on the ACHN Board. While the attached information goes into considerably more detail, the representative from our area would ensure that we have a viable connection with the ACHN allowing us the opportunity to take advantage of a huge network and experience based board who can advise and assist us in identifying our communities needs and equally and perhaps more important, what resources including funding grants that might be available in addressing our needs.

“The Alberni Clayoquot Health Network is a mechanism for citizens working and living in the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District to come together and speak with a collective voice on health issues and share ideas and resources to build healthier communities. The Network aims to improve health and well-being and focus on the social determinants of health. Learn more and download the ACHN’s Strategic Plan, at www.achn.ca. “

If there is someone from our community that is interested, I would encourage them to contact Penny directly at the number listed below

From: Penny Cote <pcote@acrd.bc.ca>
Date: October 20, 2020 at 5:10:42 PM PDT
To: Bob Beckett <bbeckett@acrd.bc.ca>
Subject: ACHN Recruitment

Hi Bob, 

Thank you so much for bringing this to your community. The ACHN has been without a representative from your area for a while. Attached are the fillable recruitment docs. 

As for your questions:

Once a month meeting. We have funds for gas if required:) Though zoom meetings are the normal arrangement these days.

We meet on the third Wednesday 9:30 am to 12:30 pm with July and August off.

The idea of having a connection with the community identifying needs and opportunities is important.

Linking the ACHN throughout the region will assist with e.g.: studies like the housing needs assessment.

Transportation challenges, Poverty reduction, etc.

I could go on and on….

Thanks a million,


250-724-5040, 250-735-0880 (cell does not work at home.

  1. Bamfield Housing Needs Report update

I believe that Sean Rogers will be speaking about this initiative in more detail tonight, I just wanted to mention that last week the ACRD Board authorized the expenditure of the grant in order for the ACRD Staff to begin with the initial housing study beginning in Bamfield in cooperation with VIU. Staff are meeting on Thursday of this week to finalize the survey, process and schedule, and will be in touch with the community.

HFN REPORT:   Edward Johnson, Chief Robert Dennis

West Coast Trail. Edward Johnson informed us that HFN is in consultations with Parks and other FN along the WCT re the 2021 trail season. There will be a survey for HFN to get their opinions and this survey could possibly be available to Bamfield residents. More details at the November meeting.

Bamfield Road. Chief Robert Dennis said that Rob Botterell and Nathan Hume had been appointed as negotiators re the funding flow which will be led by HFN. He stressed that communication between the communities was important and thanked Bamfield again for their support of the proposal.


       1. BMSC - Sean Rogers

Affordable Housing There is a funding opportunity for a Housing Needs Assessment for our area from the ACRD. VIU will be doing the survey. People who are interested in being part of it should contact Sean. The second stage would be getting funding for construction once the needs are established. Sean mentioned cooperative or NFP corporations as possible routes. Good contacts would be Tofino Housing Corporation and BC Housing for Vancouver Island (Bill McNaughton)

  1. Health Clinic Update - Donna Dunn

Clinic Use: The clinic is open for any health issues- not just emergencies. The clinic/community just needs to carry on as we have been doing re Covid 19. Dr Nell is coming on Wednesday 28th after a 6month break with no doctor visit to the clinic.

Flu: School children are getting flu sprays on 28th October. Adults can get flu shots anytime. Just call ahead.

Services: Telehealth is available. Homecare aid is also available for people with special needs. Anyone needing counselling for mental health can also call for information.

  1. BCSA - Sally Mole

An Open House for those 55+ was held outside the school last Sunday to discuss new programming ideas and possible venues. (The clinic is not available for yoga at the moment).

The AGM is on 2 November by Zoom. New Board members are being sought.

BCSA office is now in the former school library and the school continues to be closed to all visitors.

  1. Parks - Sheryl Mass

There are currently no customers but one shower and one toilet remain open and are regularly cleaned.

  1. Community School - Julie Bradley

Currently there are 7 primary and 7 intermediate students. Covid 19 precautions are being followed.

  1. First Responders - Amelia Vos

All members of BVFD are being trained to become First responders.

  1. Harbour Authority - Rae Hopkins

The season started very slowly but it was, in fact, a very busy summer with many small boats rather than bigger yachts. Moorage policy might change if Covid-19 is still here in 2021.


Community Affairs Communications- Jamie Willock

  • Zoom- Community Affairs will get its own Zoom Account to hold the meetings in future.
  • A Face Book page is being set up for BCAS which will have a link to online document storage (e.g. Google drive) for general access.

The next meeting is on Monday 16 November 2020 at 6.30pm.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:47 pm - m/s AVos/JMass

Unofficial Minutes submitted by Jan Teversham