September 21, 2020


Sept 21, 2020 6:30 pm via Zoom

Zoom Meeting hosted by Sean Rogers (BMSC)

20 participants : Sean Rogers(host), Bernadette Wyton, Mark Stokes (chair), Jane Morrison, Rae Hopkins, Louis Druehl, Susan Derasp, Wayne Markel, Jan Teversham, Amelia Vos, John Mass, Sheryl Mass, Jamie Willock, Julie Bradley, Sally Mole, Lee Weber, Bob Beckett, Liz Isaac, Amy McConnell, Alison Bird, Curt Smecher, Heather Washburn


Adoption of minutes from last AGM  m/s John/Sheryl

Treasurers Report m/s

Chair’s Report

 (Bernadette Wyton) reviewed the purpose of Community Affairs Society and some notable aspects of the past year. AGM usually held in May but due to ongoing meetings throughout the summer months (COVID-19), the AGM was postponed to September.  Thanking everyone.

Nominations and Elections (chaired by Louis Druehl) – all Directors stepped down; 2 directors were willing to stand and 6 people were nominated as new directors.

Bernie read profiles/introduction of each person nominated.

Louis called for more nominations (3 times) and moved to accepted new Board.

m/s  Mark/John

New Board of Directors: Julie Bradley, Rae Hopkins, John Mass, Jane Morrison, Susan Derasp, Jan Teversham, Amelia Vos, Jamie Willock.

Adjourn AGM.  m/s  Rae/John


Adoption of Minutes of August 17, 2020 Community Affairs Meeting.  m/s John/Jane

Regional Director Report (Bob Beckett ) Thank you to outgoing directors ; new Westside Recycling Bin has been delivered and placed on West Dock by Frances Barkley.  More signage and community awareness needed on use of Bin.

Bob suggests sending a letter of thanks to Telus  (Mr Shay Draper) about improved cellular coverage in Bamfield with the hope of continuing good communications.

ACRD Upgrade to Draft Zoning ByLaws – suggests reviewing changes on the ACRD Website; where to go to find Maps;  any questions regarding proposed changes and rationale behind it -  should be directed to Mike Erg, Manager of Planning of proposed draft.  Providing input is critical to changes in the proposed Draft Bylaw.

Bamfield Road Improvement Project – Bob thanked all groups involved in the success of this project going forward.

ACRD has applied for a housing study grant – starting with a specific study in Bamfield – but the grant will cover the entire ACRD region regarding current and future needs for housing.  The Application went forward due to the interest of Sean Rogers (BMSC) and Charlie Clappis (Huuayaht).   A question was asked – what is the amount of the Grant?  Bob will let us know.  The Huuayaht have already done a study for need for housing in Anacla.

Adjourn Meeting m/s Louis/John


New Directors stayed on for short meeting to decide when to meet again to decide on Executive.