August 17, 2020


Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting


Monday August 17, 2020 via Zoom


Sheryl Mass, Bernie Wyton, Mark Stokes, Rae Hopkins, Wayne Markel, Bob Beckett, Jane Morrison, Amelia Vos, Betty Beyko, Susan Derasp, Ian Wallace, Jared Higgins, Lisa Bye, Sally Mole, Jan Teversham

Agenda Accepted  m Sheryl /s Rae

Minutes Adopted  m Sheryl /s Jane

Treasurer's Report (Sheryl Mass) 

Checking Account $17,029.57, Savings Account $2019.07 and $5 shares. Community Hall cheque for $10,000 received for Grant-in-Aid to go into the savings account.

Motion to receive the report m Mark / s Jane


Bernie reported that she had written a letter of support for the West Coast Trail Express to Scott Fraser / Gord Johns as WCT express needs financial support during the ongoing Covid19 situation. Gord Johns has responded and is looking into support options.

Covid 19 update

Bernie reported that Marnie wants to remind us all to be careful re masks and keeping our distance on the boardwalk. There was no news from the Health Centre. Amelia added that the ACRD has made recommendations re wearing masks that we should adhere to. Nothing to report from HFN.

Fix the Bamfield Road campaign

Bamfield residents and visitors have all been urged to write to Scott Fraser in support of the HFN proposal to improve the Bamfield Road. Cabinet has now looked at the proposal and Bernie thought it would now be with the Treasury Board.

Bernie gave some background to the latest developments re this call for action. Of particular importance was the July 22nd ACRD presentation to the board regarding the current road situation by Roger Harris (Forest Safety Ombudsman) and Robert Dennis of HFN. There is strong regional support for the proposal and the meeting got good media coverage. Bob Becket responded- see his report below.

Amelia wondered whether people could write even if they did not necessarily support the proposal on the table. Bernie said the focus of the Fix the Road email campaign is to present a unified voice from the community. Amelia suggested people are concerned about the impacts in the communities once improvements were made to the road.

Bob doesn't want to mix up the objectives 1. make the road safe now and 2. work on solving any future problems within the communities on account of the improvements. Bernie said the plan for Bamfielders to meet with Scott Fraser for community input and questions didn’t happen. The issue before us and the government now is the HFN proposal which entails significant road improvements - or nothing. She stressed the need to consider the HFN’s long-standing view that their road improvement proposal is critical to their economic future as a treaty nation.

Regional District Rep Report

Bob said that he had responded to every person who wrote letters to the Minster. He received letters from the parents of the deceased students, students, visitors to Bamfield and local residents. He said it was unacceptable to have to wonder IF one would arrive at one's destination once one sets off on the Bamfield Road. He has received no response from the Minister yet. There has been a Port Alberni News article on the issue and both CFAX radio and CTV were planning on follow-up reporting. The anniversary of the crash is September 13. Bob knows there is support for action within the government and that John Horgan will meet with the ACRD in September. He is hoping it is face to face rather than virtual. So, more should be known in 3-4 weeks.

Otherwise, nothing to report.

Sheryl thanked Bob for the actions of Telus that have improved cellular coverage within Bamfield, greatly improving quality of life for some residents.

Bernie asked whether there were any changes regarding emergency communication capacity on the Bamfield road. He responded that there was no easy solution.

Wayne asked about Roger Harris attending the UBCM. Bob responded that the ACRD decision was to act before the UBCM and request an immediate meeting with the Premier. Wayne added that the HFN were mainly asking for safer standards and not for complete paving. He applauded them for that.


Sally reported that the school was waiting for the official go ahead re the school reopening.

September is Literacy month.

She can be contacted by email or phone and is actually at the school office now.

Amelia has asked for grant-in-aid funds for portable sound equipment for community events. This might tie in with possible New Horizons funding and the need for audio equipment related to ongoing Zoom meetings and an eventual combination of in-person and remote attendance.

Other Business

  1. Louis had a concern that Scott Fraser was not responding to our letters but Bernie said that Bob was following up. Bob said he is asking the Minister and staff for updates but he thought they had dropped the ball and is disappointed in his communications. Expectations have now been laid out by Bob and Bernie so Bob needs to stay on it now.
  2. Fungus festival. Amelia reported that she was now in charge of organising the Fungus Festival as Nick has left Bamfield but added that it wouldn't be held this year.

AGM for Community Affairs will be on September 21 2020

At this meeting, directors will step down and a new board will be established. If you would like to nominate someone, check to make sure they will accept, and notify Bernie of the nomination. (

Nominations will be open until the AGM, when there will be three calls for further nominations.

The question was asked if the nominees have to be at the AGM.

The answer is no but they have to have agreed to be nominated in writing or by phone.

Sheryl suggested to put the info on the corkboard to get wide coverage. Amelia agreed but added that the duties and responsibilities need to be there too. Wayne suggested that young people are needed.

Adjournment m Sheryl /s Louis at 7.30 ish.


SEPT 21, 2020 VIA ZOOM                                    MEETING ID: 518 194 3338

Submitted by Jan Teversham