July 16, 2012

Bamfield Community Affairs Meeting

Minutes – not officially approved

16 July 2012

7:30pm @ Bamfield Community School


Attendance: Michelle van Boven, Phil Lavois, Denice Roberge, Eileen Scott, Max Salamon, Catherine Thompson, Linda & Larry Myres, Lynne & Rick Sweeting, Lars Mogensen, Eric Geall, Ed Friesen, Stefan Ochman, Marnie Cameron, Colin Bailey, Jane Morrison, Curt Smecher, Heather Washburn, Louis Druehl, Rae Hopkins

Meeting called to order by Louis Druehl at 7:31pm.

Minutes of 18 June received. m/s L. Mogensen/ L. Myres.

Guest speaker Tanis Dagert, Coordinator AC Health Network unable to attend.


Treasurer’s Report-Linda Myres: Banking activity consisted of $.09 interest. Balance as of 30 June 2012 was $10,651.95. Bamfield Beautification returned an unused portion of the grants-in-aid money in the amount of $27.43.


Regional Director’s Report-Eric Geall: Eric’s complete report will be on the Portal.

-Eric is in discussion with VIHA regarding a utility vehicle to transport our nurse to patients.

-There is now an ACRD Health Network which will be working with communities.

-ACRD is in discussion with Regional Transit aiming to have a bus that will travel to Port Alberni and return to Anacla/Bamfield the same day for a nominal fee.

-Work continues on obtaining/developing a trail adjacient to Bamfield Road Anacla to Bamfield for walking or biking.

Contact Eric at regionaldirector@mybamfield.ca for further clarification.



Page 2. Community Affairs Minutes (16 July 2012) cont.

Grants-in Aid for Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department fireworks community vote. $2000.00 to BVFD passed and granted.


Committee Reports

Bamfield Community Hall Society-Michelle van Boven: “Dock report: In April 2011, Don Kapalka of Imperial Eagle Lodge purchased a number of docks/floats from the ACRD’s China creek Marina. At the same time BCHS had been discussing an access point on the east side to be located at the bottom of Nuthatch Road. The BCHS received a “Grant in Aid” from Community affairs in the amount of $6000.00 the decision was made to purchase 3 of these docks for a sum of $3,500 from Don Kapalka. Dock details: one dock with 6 bays& 2 docks with no bays.

School District 70 was encouraged to participate in this project and on May 30th 2011, the BCHS received a grant from SD 70 in the amount of $6000. A total of $12,000 was greatfully received, of which the remained of $8500 is in the BHI (high interest) account of BCHS, ear-marked for the continued ‘dock project’. A joint committee has been formed along with BVFD & the Emergency Program to further this project & is working closely with ACRD.

Recent discussions about the feasibility of these docks withstanding a north swell resulted in a decision to sell the docks to those in the community who need to replace theirs and build something more suitable for the location in mind. Building new docks would also afford a longer life span for this access point being considered.

-Up-coming Event: Saturday the 25th is the Harvest Dinner & Auction being held at BVFD again. Dinner at 5:00 with Auction to follow closely at 7:00. Donations towards the Auction are being sought after – those who wish to donate, please contact a Director. Thank you.

-Membership & Phone Directories: Now is the time to renew your membership & become involved with the Society & the eventual building of the new Community Centre. Membership may be found with any of the directors or stop by the Post Office & talk with Rose or Breaker’s Marine & Michelle. We encourage full time, as well as seasonal residents to join and become involved!”


Bamfield Community School Association-Catherine Thompson: “Summer camps start the 17th of July and are every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

1st week camp is Theatre and Art

Page. 3 Community Affairs Minutes (16 July) cont.


2nd week camp is Science and Marine Exploration

3rd week camp is Huu-ay-aht Culture

4th week camp is Fun & Sun, there will be a water slide & movie

5th week camp we have a dance instructor coming from Ucluelet to teach 3 dance classes – salsa, jazz, ballet, belly dancing and more. Please register your child in advance.

-July 18th was the last day to submit photos to the “My Community” photo contest but I will accept photos until the end of July.

-31st July the BCSA will be hosting Outdoor Movie. Come early and play games and chat. Movie starts at 9pm- Pixar “Up”. Followed by a movie for big-kids. Popcorn and refreshments will be for sale.

-August 14th & 15th 2 adult dance classes. One night will be salsa and the other will be determined by popular demand.

-The Lunch Time Caterer position is available for the coming school year starting in September.” Please contact Catherine at the BCSA office 250 728 1220 or bcsa.ct@gmail.com.


Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department-Larry Myres: 21st of July (Saturday)Golf Tournament 8:30am. Celebrating 29th Anniversary! Salmon BBQ (also the 21st) doors at the Fire Hall open at 5:00pm with a dance to follow. The Chumbuckets is the featured band. Cost for Golf and Salmon BBQ including a hat is $30.00. Salmon BBQ is $12.00.

-August 4th & 5th Fire Daze Weekend Fishing Derby.

BVFD-Max Salamon: Operations training continues. There is a break in training for summer and exercises will resume in September.

-The Bamfield/Huu-ay-aht fire service contract has been extended.


West Bamfield Park-Lars Mogensen: A schedule for volunteer mowing the grass in the park has been established. Mitch McPhee has cleared more bush. Sheila Tucker donated three rhododendrons. The park is looking great!

Page 4. Community Affairs Minutes (16 July ’12)cont.

Emergency Preparedness-Linda Myres: Have a plan in case of disaster!


Bamfield Community School-Marnie Cameron: The students’ Potlatch in June was well received and they performed on encore at the Aboriginal Day celebrations. Marnie noted that all of the gifts given were made by the students!

-Field trips were enjoyed by the students and special “Thanks” to BMSC for hosting the students.

-The Year End BBQ was well attended and many thanks to BCSA and all of the volunteers.

-At the Year End Assembly each student received a gift of books that were purchased with money that the Huu-ay-aht gave at the Potlatch. Thank you!

-Reg Sam is the new teacher that has been selected for the next school year. A second position has yet to be filled.

-Darin Holman is the Principal for BCS and for Maquinna Elementry in Port Alberni.

-The masks the students made and wore at the potlatch will go on display in the school.

-A digital picture frame of photos from past school years will be on display.

-Due to the difficulty in getting a school photographer to come to Bamfield this year a beautiful Photo Blanket was created with each student’s photograph and this will be displayed along with past years’ class photos.

-A Reminder: Register students for September now and you will do this in Port Alberni.

NOTE FROM COMMUNITY- Marnie and Colin, Thank you for your years of teaching here in Bamfield and Best Wishes for your new assignment!


Bamfield Centennial Park-Eileen Scott: The park is open for business. It has not been too busy so far but there are a lot of reservations in August. The park looks beautiful.


Bamfield Entertainment Committee Part 2-Eric Geall: The CBC receiver tower is due to be terminated but a group called CACTUS is working to keep these towers in operation. Eric would

Page 5. Community Affairs Minutes (16 July ’12) cont.

like to see an agreement signed with CBC and continued transmission. There would be a nominal fee for the power bill. If you are interested in becoming part of Bamfield Entertainment Committee Part 2 please contact Eric at regionaldirector@mybamfield.ca


Bamfield Huu-ay-aht Community Forest-Stefan Ochman: A deadline of August 12th or 15th is in place for submitting the Management Plan for the next few years which will be discussed at a meeting of the Community Forest Wednesday the 18th July.


New Business: Dog packs are becoming too aggressive on the west side. A person was recently bitten and the cat colony on the boardwalk constantly being invaded. Dog owners must become more responsible for their dog/dogs. Our regional representative Eric Geall will talk to ACRD Animal Control to determine what action should be taken. In the meantime report all dog attacks to the RCMP in Port Alberni – 250 723 2424.

-It has been suggested that containers for campers’ food be installed in Centennial Park. Eileen Scott will look into this.

-Louis Druehl reported that the Department of Transportation contacted him that the West Government dock is up for divestiture. Some government funds are available for repairs or upgrade. This notice will be posted for interested parties to respond.

-Eric Geall received a letter from the City of Port Alberni seeking Bamfield’s support in increasing utilization of Port Alberni RCMP to improve response times to major accidents and increase the amount of speed enforcement. M/S E. Geall/L. Sweeting. Carried. Louis Druehl said he would write a letter of support.

-The Minutes of Community Affairs will be posted on www.bamfielder.ca

Lynne Sweeting is championing improvement of the Cape Beale Trail for hiking. m/s L. Sweeting/E. Geall. Carried. Lynne will write a letter requesting this to Parks Canada.

Meeting adjourned @8:47pm.

Submitted by Rae Hopkins

Next meeting Monday, 20th of August 2012 @ Bamfield Community School – 7:30pm