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Hello, welcome! Click here to link to the April 2019 issue of The New Bamfielder. This is Issue #95.


News and Events:

  • The Great Bamfield Annual Easter Egg Hunt is on for Saturday April 20 at Eileen Scott Centennial Park! 11am Sharp!
  • The ACRD is looking for your input and innovative ideas for local recycling and waste collection on the West Side. Contact Jenny Brunn Operations Manager jbrunn@acrd.bc.ca 
  • April 14 - Community Potluck at the House of Hau-hy-aht, 5pm
  • April 24 - Community Lunch at the School. 12:00 noon. RSVP to Martin Pilar.
  • April 26 - Dental Clinic for students. April 27 - Dental Clinic for community at large. Contact Martin Pilar if you wish to come
  • May 5 - Cleanup Work Bee at Centennial Park. Lunch will be catered by the Pub and provided to volunteers
  • Basketball - Tuesdays at the School at 7:30
  • Friends Group Happening is every Wednesday 3-4pm at BCS hosted by HFN Counselor Rena Johnson
  • Buddy Reading at the school Wednesdays from 12:45 until 1:30
  • Afterschool Club - Grades K-3 at 2pm Wednesdays. Permission slips required.

Don't forget that The New Bamftielder is an entirely volunteer-driven project whose purpose is to provide otherwise non-existent resources to the Bamfield Community School. This school serves the children of Bamfield and Anacla residents. Anacla is a small Huu-ay-aht First Nations village at the mouth of the Pachena River. for more information, see

You can donate to this project using PayPal or the physical address at the bottom of this page.


Welcome to The New Bamfielder! Work with us to make our village more family friendly!

The New Bamfielder is more than a community newspaper. We want to get people thinking about opportunities for the young people of Bamfield and Anacla. All donations to the newsletter go toward the Bamfield Community School Association New Bamfielder youth programs.

Our Objective: to provide Anacla and Bamfield students with extracurricular opportunities not normally available to our small student body.
The Project: to support our students in their pursuit of creative activities by providing guidance and enlightening experiences. For example, a student interested in music could have an instrument rented, receive instruction, and visit an inspiring professional.

TNB Report Card – January 2014. Since the first issue in June 2011, 80-120 copies have been distributed monthly through local shops and the Post Office. Online hits have climbed from 555 for the first posted issue, January 2012, to just short of 2000 in December 2013. Donations to December 2013 totaled $2622. This last year we have focused on music: Ali Marsman held group sessions on music and one-on-one piano lessons for two months with all our students, and Scale Shore gave three ukulele sessions (we’re looking forward to her return early this year).  Thank you readers for making this possible.

Thanks to Heather Washburn, Associate Editor/Web Master, the online issue allows us to document the brief articles, publish minutes of Bamfield Community Affairs, announce goings-on at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, and hopefully, in the near future, allow you to access web-cams of Bamfield, thanks to our photojournalist, Marc Phillips.

TNB grows in depth—Roseline Leyvraz-Fallecker’s witticisms, Ken Bodaly’s fishing news, Jerry Baird’s weather, Catherine’s Thompson’s coming events, and photo contributions by Heather Washburn, Marc Phillips, and Hedi Demontigny, along with regular contributions from many Bamfield organizations—as we march through the issues. We welcome your contributions .

The purpose of The New Bamfielder is to provide a monthly forum for Bamfield’s celebrations, people and issues. The success of this paper depends on contributions from the reading public. So, please, submit your thoughts (brevity is essential). Classifieds are accepted (no commercial ads). Submit to ldruehl@island.net.

The New Bamfielder is free but you are encouraged to contribute to the Bamfield Community School Association New Bamfielder youth programs. Anacla and Bamfield Youth oriented projects sponsored and monies raised will be published on this web site. You may contributeusing PayPal or by cash or cheque (payable to BCSA, please include the phrase Bamfielder Youth on your cheque) in person at the BCSA office or by mail: BCSA, General Delivery, Bamfield, BC, V0R 1B0.  Thank you!

We welcome individuals and businesses who wish to co-sponsor youth-oriented projects. Let us have your ideas or explore our projects and we will make a difference. See the most recent issue and past issues of The New Bamfielder using the sidebar to the right. Enjoy, digest, respond!

Louis Druehl, Editor
Heather Washburn, Associate Editor/Web Interface
Marc Phillips, Photo Journalist